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  1. Dear sir or madam

    I have a plan to study at Milner International College on the early June to late June.
    So that I’m looking for an accommodation for a month.
    I prefer Townsend lodge rather than other places.
    So, is it possible if you could send me an important details such as room rate, room availability, special offer and how to make an online booking?

    I have another question if I study there only a month. Does it mean I am a WA student?

    Thanks in advance

    Faithfully yours,
    Thunradee P.

    • Hello,
      I aplogise for the late reply.
      We are able to book you for June. The rate for a student is $38 per night. If you are to prove that you will be studying at Milner College which is just over the back block from us which is two minutes walk we can offer the student rate. Our rooms are single rooms with a shared kitchen and shared bathroom. We have lots of students staying with us.

      If you would like to make a booking you can do that by emailing us your dates to

      Kind regards Raylene

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